“It’s human nature to be concerned mostly with short-term threats. We don’t change our behavior to avoid future disasters. Instead we wait around for something to force us to change. It’s part of our genetic makeup” Michael Soul

The time to protect what we love starts the moment we decide we want to make a change. We don’t need to change where we live but we need to change how we live, small steps at the times. 

Ecosystems function on complex webs and delicate balance, our actions, even when they appear remote, affect our entire environment. By slowly changing our ways we can affect consequences near and remote from us, for a better environment for everyone to enjoy and share. 

Tips for every day change: 

Use reusable shopping bags

Bring canvas bags to the store to collect your produce

Carry a reusable water bottle

Keep a coffee mug at your desk

Take your own container at a restaurant if you know you will be carrying home leftovers

Carry your lunch to work in a reusable container or stop and eat at a place providing reusable cutlery and plates 

Reduce the amount of lights you keep on in the house

Unplug what you are not using, each one of those red lights is burning power

Reduce the length of your shower 

Turn the water off when not using it 

Clean with natural products like vinegar, baking soda and reduce chemical cleaners

Keep your car in good shape, all the oil and fuel leaking will eventually end up in the water resource

Want to do more?

Check with your local area about cleaning projects, it does not have to be the ocean, could be a stream, a lake or even a portion of the road you travel every day

Check what the legislations are in your community about recycling, about endangered species laws on trade and commerce

Connect with your local environmental institutions

Volunteer your time to work in your area

Donate to assist the work of remote institutions working on conservation projects of your liking

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