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Welcome to our blog. We are going to try to share our story, our adventures and some of the projects we are currently working on. 

Our organization is very small, but it tries to complete a lot of work in the different fields of sharks and ocean conservation and caves exploration and land management. 

We want to start with a little introduction of our team members, Cristina Zenato and Kewin Lorenzen.

Sometimes we will let them post their personal blog about their week or project so that you can view our work from different perspectives.

Cristina is originally from Italy and has been working in the diving industry for the last twenty-six years. Since childhood, she has been passionate about the idea of becoming an underwater scuba ranger who would protect the reefs of the world and would have sharks for friends. Through a series of coincidences and choices, Cristina landed on the island of Grand Bahama in 1994 and decided to make The Bahamas her home and diving her life in less than a week.

Cristina is our founder and the inspiration behind our three words of Exploration, Education, and Conservation.

She believes that we all need to explore our surroundings, our environment to allow us to see and discover the new and unknown; once we have explored it, we need to educate ourselves on our findings, we need to learn more so that we can educate others on what and why it is important to protect. Only then we can all work towards the conservation of our world, whether this is the oceans, forests, rivers, or mountains.

Kewin is from Denmark and moved to Grand Bahama in 2018. After completing a trip to Fiji to follow his dream to work and protect sharks he decided that his engineering life was not for him anymore and left everything to become a diving professional. Fast forward three years from his beginning, Kewin is not only an instructor, but a cave rebreather diver and explorer, a technical diver and he is using his talents in engineering and computer work to complete some amazing work.

Kewin quickly realized that his love for sharks required a broader approach to conservation and connected his mission to explore and protect caves to the one of protecting sharks.

One of his biggest passions and goals is to document nature, through scientific research, technological surveys and direct observation.

These individuals share their days between their work and the continuation of the missions.

Thanks to them we have been able to collect photogrammetry results of the Caribbean Reef sharks and the Nurse sharks in the area, they are mapping important cave systems on the island, identifying the locations of possible caves and blue holes and putting them on the map with either an identification of the presence of the cave or not.

We are proud of being able to support and work with the Bahamas National Trust and we hope to expand our reach in the coming future.

Cristina Zenato

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