Conservation of our Planet and its resources is a necessary step to protect its future and the survival of the human race. It is our duty to care for the environment and to create a more balanced relationship between men and nature.

Ben’s Cave

Ben’s Cave survey. Started in 2009 between Cristina Zenato and Arek Pers, later Cristina completed the full survey in 2011 and submitted a proposal for the expansion of the current boundaries of the Lucayan National Park on Grand Bahama Island, to include the full extension of the cave and the land forest and mangrove area.

It has been added to the 2020 proposal.

Additionally, Cristina explored and connected a land-based cave with an ocean blue hole, hailed as the first in history, and used the discovery and data collected from this system to support the request to protect the 2020 project.

Zodiac System

Sweeting’s Cay Zodiac System. Comprising of seven different caves, first explored by British cave divers, Cristina started to travel to and from the cay to expand the exploration of the systems and survey them. In 2016 she also completed the connection between two systems before attempted but never completed and added several thousands of cave line to the existing passageways. The entire area is a natural habitat for sharks, rays, corals, marine creatures and additional land and mangroves flora and fauna.

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Cristina Zenato connects two caves in Sweeting’s Key, completing the work that Rob Palmer left unfinished 30 years before.

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